What NOT to Bring in an Airport

Wherever we go and wherever airport we depart there will always be security systems everywhere. You will fall in line and let the airport’s security guards check you if you have brought unnecessary things for the flight. Your luggage will be checked as well through their x-ray scanners where the monitors can see clearly what’s inside.

So what are really the things that aren’t allowed to be transported along with you in an air transportation and what could it possibly outcome once we bring those things along with us? Here is a list of them and the reasons why you should avoid from bringing them from now on:

  • Flammable liquids – who would ever want to have the airplanes they’re in to be burned down? Nobody. Therefore, as much as possible we must refrain from bringing flammable liquids like perfume and gas along with us especially because we can still acquire them to the place where we are about to go to.

  • Magnets – an aircraft uses magnetic compass to navigate where the plane is going. If ever it would be bothered with the magnet that you bring along, a problem with the aircraft may start and could lead to an accident.

  • Explosives – there are already lots of hijacking movies already and for some reason, it might happen to real incidents as well. For you to avoid being accused as the hijacker, don’t bring any explosives with you especially if you don’t need them at all. There are experts who could handle them for you.

Aside from these items, if ever you will be bringing gifts to your loved ones to the place you are going to, it would be wiser not to wrap them at all because you would end up becoming a suspicious individual who brought a suspicious item to the authorities or the security staff.

Manchester’s Busy Airport

I plan travels as much as I can. That’s what people normally do whenever we have already decided to go to another country. Nevertheless, no matter how many times we have planned to have a stress free travel, we can never prevent landing on a jam-packed airport especially because we are not the only ones who travel and were accommodated.

For instance, whenever you have thought of visiting Greater Manchester, you will be directed on a flight to Manchester Airport which was one of the busiest airports in UK and even in the whole Europe. In 2014, it was considered as the third busiest airport in the UK with more than 20 million of passengers and was also the 22nd busiest airport in Europe. There is a possibility that the number could still grow therefore, for the airport to still provide satisfying services to all of its passengers, the airport’s facilities are about to be expanded.

Despite of the fact that Manchester Airport caters millions of people a day, the airport still guarantee that all of the passengers would have a carefree flight and all of their luggage would be safe as well. You also don’t have to worry about the way of transportation to your destined place once you are already in Greater Manchester because the airport have ground transports such as the rail which will take you throughout Northern England. Not only that, the airport also had over 300 trains, 100 coaches and 500 buses. The buses could take you anywhere in Greater Manchester therefore you are sure that once you have already landed in Greater Manchester you will be sure that there will be some place that you can visit next with the help of these ground transportations. The Manchester Airport may be busy and crowded as it is but with all of these, you are still convinced that you can have an untroubled travel.

Landing on England’s Airports

The United Kingdom of Great Britain or commonly known as United Kingdom or UK or Britain is a magnificent place to visit specifically in England where a lot of landscapes and rivers can be found. If ever you have been thinking that to be able to travel to this famous country is way too impossible then you have to think again. There are approximately more than a hundred of airports that can be found in England, you just have to choose an airport that comes nearer to the different tourist spots that you are about to visit.

Whoever we ask, we would always want to avoid any commotion in an airport especially if we are first time travellers on that country and we don’t know anybody. However, while I am always thrilled to go travel, I can say that we can never escape the dread of an overcrowded airport particularly in England where thousands of people come in and out of the country and it can also be doubled if ever you travel on holidays. Therefore, before you go on a trip to England, make sure that you have requested the best seat that you want a couple of days before the flight and also, you have to check all of your documents including your passport all the time to avoid any hassle on your stay in the country.

Always have your passport and boarding passes at hand while you are waiting in passport and security queues for you to be ready to hand it over to the staff or the person in charge right away. If ever you don’t, there’s a chance that you will be troubling other travellers on the queue because you were searching for your documents on your bag or your luggage. Keep in mind that these tips don’t just apply on England airports alone, I recommend to remember these all the time whenever you are travelling in any parts of the world.

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Welcome to Stansed Airport!


If you are new in Stansted Mountfitchet or even going out of the country and you have decided to have a flight from Stansted Airport then my guide could be helpful to you. First of all, Stansted is one of the busiest airports in United Kingdom which is next to Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester.

Stansted Airport accommodates their passengers that requires different needs. The airport have facilities that supports businesses, children and even passengers with disability. You also don’t have to worry if you want to reach the airport on time of your flight because the airport’s land transportation such as trains, taxis or car hire are always reliable and on service and if you are also from another country and just arrived at Stansted Airport, these mode of transportations can take you as well. Stansted Mountfitchet is just 2 miles away from the airport and there are lots of different attractions that can be found, therefore this village should always be a part of your travel list. But if ever you have decided to go beyond it Stansted Airport’s ground transportations can take you there.

In 2014’s records, Stansted Airport fly 19.98 millions of passengers on their terminal with 12 airlines. You also don’t have to worry if you will be using your own car to drive to the airport and travel to another place for a couple of days because you are allowed to park there for just £8.80 per day. And if ever you have an early flight and have decided to stay overnight, the airport’s hotel is a preferable option for me. You can also book a room if ever you still don’t have a place to stay at because you are still new to the place and don’t know anybody else to ask for help.