What NOT to Bring in an Airport

Travelling has been everyone’s passion, it has been everyone’s dream. It has been mine all along and I’ve been to many different places already to fulfil this wonderful dream of mine. Wherever I go and wherever airport I depart from I can always see security systems everywhere. Well, basically it is already a part of travelling. Whether you are a first time traveller or a person who have been through many airports already, it is still required to get through an airport’s security system.

So, I’ve fallen in line to different security systems already and let the airport’s security guards check on my belongings and if ever I have brought any unnecessary things for the flight. Our luggage will be checked through their x-ray scanners where the monitors can see clearly what’s inside. I’ve already witnessed a lot of people getting hold from their flight because they have brought that might be harmful. To avoid for such thing to happen to you as well, I advise not to bring these stuffs as well:

  • Flammable liquids – who would ever want to have the airplanes they’re in to be burned down? Nobody. Therefore, as much as possible we must refrain from bringing flammable liquids like perfume and gas along with us especially because we can still acquire them to the place where we are about to go to. Me, myself have been held in the airport because I’ve brought perfumes and colognes which isn’t aloud at all because they are flammable as well. So I ended up leaving them behind and hand it over to the security personnel.
  • Magnets – an aircraft uses magnetic compass to navigate where the plane is going. If ever it would be bothered with the magnet that you bring along, a problem with the aircraft may start and could lead to an accident.
  • Explosives – there are already lots of hijacking movies already and for some reason, it might happen to real incidents as well. For you to avoid being accused as the hijacker, don’t bring any explosives with you especially if you don’t need them at all. There are experts who could handle them for you.


Aside from these items, if ever you will be bringing gifts to your loved ones to the place you are going to, it would be wiser not to wrap them at all because you would end up becoming a suspicious individual who brought a suspicious item to the authorities or the security staff and I bet you wouldn’t want that to happen.

Have a Carefree Flight from Stansted Airport

I am not a resident of Stansted Mountfitchet but I have already stayed on that place for a couple of years already. I go in and out of the country from time to time and I’ve known some staff of Stansted Airport already. Yes, the Stansted Airport is a very busy airport but for me, it is still my favourite airport. For today’s post, I will be talking about some guide that can be helpful for you as you come and visit Stansted Mountfitchet.

First of all, whenever we go to visit to other places or country, there will be enough reasons why we do so. For example, we go for a business or we go to tour our children. With these reasons, like I had before, I went to Stansted Mountfitchet for the first time to reunite with my best friend who have come on that place for good already and I found out that their airport is very organized and their staffs are pretty well-trained. At that time, I thought that I will really like the place. Based on my research for the place, I’ve found out that the airport’s parking space is also pretty famous as well since they offer it for just £8.80 per day so whenever I get to stay there for a long time and decide to visit other places as well, I can have my car easily accessed right away.

I am also not nervous whether I get lost at all or not because the airport have land transportations that can take you anywhere you want around the area. It was a very wonderful experience for me. After I visited my friend’s house for a couple of days, I’ve booked an early flight to go home and the place where I am staying at that time was pretty far from the airport. Luckily, the airport have a hotel where I have stayed the night and I wasn’t late for my flight on the next day.




Manchester’s Busy Airport

I plan travels as much as I can, I even read some tips from this website over and over again. That’s what people normally do whenever we have already decided to go to another country. Nevertheless, no matter how many times I plan to have a stress free travel, I can never prevent landing on a jam-packed airport especially because, I know that I am not the only living person who have decided to travel.

For instance, just the other week, I’ve visited Greater Manchester. Yes, it happened just recently and the moment I’ve arrived on the Manchester Airport is still so fresh in my mind. I already know that the Manchester Airport is indeed a very busy airport since it is the third busiest airport in the UK with more than 20 million of passengers. That time, I thought, how can their crew provide me their satisfying services especially if I am still new of this place? Well I guess I just worried too much.

When it comes to luggage, I really don’t pack that much since I am quite terrified that I might lose something which I can’t notice right away nevertheless, despite of the fact that they cater millions of people a day, the airport still guarantee that all of the passengers would have a carefree flight and all of our luggage would be safe as well.

I also got nervous the moment the aircraft landed because I don’t know what to ride next for me to reach my next destination but maybe I’m just really lucky to be in Manchester Airport as they have the best land transportation offered where it can take me anywhere throughout Northern England. Not only that, they also have trains and buses! I can say that this airport is really fantastic that it can bring me anywhere I need to be at.

So the saying goes “Don’t judge the book by its cover” can also relate to airports, we should never say that an airport serves poorly because they accommodate so many people because I know and I’ve seen it personally that they really strive to give us stress-free visit on their place.

My First Time Landing on England’s Airports

Last year, after I finally got my passport, I’ve decided to visit first the United Kingdom of Great Britain. But before I travelled, I have looked for many different places around UK that I could add on my itinerary and based on my research, there are indeed a lot of landscapes and rivers that can be found on that magnificent place. At first, I was a bit hesitant since this place is just so huge but of course, I can’t let go of my dream just like that, right? I continued my research and I found out that there are more than a hundred of airports in the UK so I ended up choosing an airport that’s just near to the tourist spots I’ve decided to visit.

My heart just won’t stop beating faster and faster while the aircraft I’m in was already about to reach the land. However, no matter how thrilled I was, being on an overcrowded airport can never be avoided particularly in England where thousands of people come in and out of the country and I am already one of them. Luckily, I have my documents including my passport on my hand all the time since I would be dealing with a lot of lines checking my passport and such. That made me so happy since I believe after that time, I will be having no hassle on my stay in the country.

I can really say that the very best tip when travelling abroad is to have our documents like  passports at hand all the time since for sure, security guards will be so strict on any security queues to know what your intention to the other country is. The person before me on the queue that time had caused a commotion since he have kept his documents on his luggage and troubled other travellers who kept on waiting for him to find his papers and of course I wouldn’t want to happen to me not just on the airports of England but to any other airports around the globe that I want to visit.