Effective Airline Safety Tips to Remember When Traveling

There are constant changes in airport security, airline baggage rules and even inside the plane. These are the things that airline passengers have to deal with these changes when traveling. In the airlines these days, there are kinds of items that are prohibited and restricted things from airline flights. These are all for flying safely and with minimum hassle for all the passengers.

Here are other safety tips that you should put in your mind all the time:

1. Travel on Nonstop Routings

If you are a first time traveller and traveling for the first time on your own or with friends, make sure to know that most airliner accidents happen during the takeoff, climb, descent and landing phase of flight. The easiest way to reduce your chance of getting in an accident is to take fewer flights. Take the nonstop routings to reduce the exposure to the most accident prone phases of flight.

2. Go to Larger Airline

If you have fear of heights, travel with larger aircraft because they provide a better opportunity for passenger survival. Larger aircraft models tend to have better survival statistics according to airline polls.

3. Don’t Missed the Pre-Flight Briefing of the Airline

Pay close attention to the pre-flight briefing of the flight captain and the flight attendants to know the locations of the closest emergency exits in case emergency will happen. Some passenger safety briefings include a few words about the position to take in an emergency landing and sometimes other airlines will show or put together a video for greater details and other information.

4. Keep the Overhead Storage Bin Free of Heavy Baggage/Things

A heavy bag falling out of an overhead bin can cause a serious injury, so if one is above your head, try to move the bag or change your seat. It’s for your safety and for dealing with carry-on and checked luggage.

5. While Seated, Keep Your Seat Belt Always

It’s really important that you do this just like when driving a car. It provides you extra protection that you might need to avoid injuries from flight turbulence and so on.

6. Pay Attention to the Flight Attendants

The primary reason flight attendants are on an aircraft is for safety. You need to pay attention to them when they are announcing something or you can asks them questions too when they are free. They can provide you useful information for your safety and comfort during the entire flight.

7. Keep Your Hazardous Materials

Don’t bring hazardous materials that are not allowed in the airline. Have some common sense to avoid delays of flight and for safety of other travellers.

8. Let the Flight Attendant Help You with Your Hot Drinks

Flight attendants are trained to handle hot drinks like coffee or tea in a crowded aisle on a moving aircraft, so allow them to pour the drink and hand it to you.

9. Drink Moderately When Traveling

Moderate drinking is a good policy at any altitude, and in the air limiting your drinking is a good way to reduce the chance of an air rage incident involving you or someone else.

10. Follow and Ask Questions Later On

Unlike any other emergency situation, in an airline part, you should always follow the directions of the flight attendants and flight crew first before asking any questions and exit the aircraft as quickly as possible. Think of your safety first before bursting out your wit to others.

These are some of the important tips for a safety travel. Make sure to remember them especially if you are a person who likes to travel alone.

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