Interior design advice

Simple interior design and decoration tips that will allow the environments of your home like the living room, dining room, bedrooms, terraces and others to look bigger and more modern, in the exposed tricks you just need to apply a bit of creativity to the whole process, let us begin:

1. Change furniture location

A simple change of place of the furniture can substantially change the environment giving it more space, to do it correctly distribute the furniture in such a way that people can do the activities correctly in that place without being interrupted by other people, in this way it may be convenient for you put an armchair in a corner but together with a floor lamp or maybe add a simple room divider (you can even use a set of decorative plants on a long pot for division) to improve the distribution.

If necessary, move on to the following tip:

2. Change color of the walls

We have seen a simple trick to know what color to paint the walls of the room or any other room that consists of uploading a photo of the room online and start mixing colors and see how it looks before buying the paint, but if you want to save this step, you should only consider a simple interior design advice and you must choose a light shade or better white to light the room when it is small, if you have a large space you can play with more colors and combine them, remember to start with the ceiling and finish the walls, do not forget to touch up the small details that are the most noticeable when all the walls are very well painted.

3. Renew artificial lights or make changes

Light is one of the most important parts of design, in interior decoration you can not leave out this important resource to improve the environments, buy new hanging lamps to direct them to your dining room or add other standing or ceiling directed to specific points that you want to stand out in the decoration, if you have already renewed the color of the walls, it may only be necessary to change the lampshades with fabrics that match (or contrast) with the color of the walls

4. Add fashionable accessories to the room

Some home decor tips for ranchers and interior designers are that adding a visually striking sculpture, a carpet for example with geometric yarns or even a simple vase of bold design highlights a space and allows you to change the face of a room, to achieve this it may be necessary that you remove some ornaments that you already have many years ago in the same place.

5. Decorate the empty walls with simple elements or a work of art

Keep in mind this: “a work of art on a solitary wall will completely renew that space”, surely in your city there are many artists who offer their works in oil or perhaps modern art paintings made with spray, choose the one you like the most and give life to that wall that looks empty and in the process you will be supporting the new artists of your city.