Interior Design, Zen Design

What is Zen interior design?

Zen is a famous Japanese word that means meditation. But in the world of interior design, Zen means a reflection of balance, harmony, and relaxation. This design style contains minimal rules and involves using simplicity to achieve sophistication. This style will definitely come in handy in helping strike a balance between your home as a place to relax and the working environment you are involved in. So, what are the main features that help create a Zen design?

  • Color

Zeb designs adopt natural colors that are not shouting. Among the most used colors include grey, white, green, pink and beige. These colors are mostly preferred be cause they enable visual continuity with walls, furniture or floors.

  • Fabrics

When selecting fabrics, it is important that you ensure their colors are natural, comfortable and light. Among the most important fabrics that are a must use in your home are curtains. Therefore, ensure that you find curtains that match every color aspect of your rooms.

  • Furniture

Most modern furniture incorporates excessive decorations that make it difficult to find the ideal color that matches your interior colors. However, Zen furniture incorporates simple and clear lines which are made of natural materials that offer a sense of comfort.

  • Lighting

Lighting plays a key role in adding life to your home. And there is no better way to light your premises than by adopting natural light. You can use different light sources which you are in control of to determine the amount of intensity going to a certain area.

  • Plant

Zen designs are all about bringing the first-hand experience of nature in your home. Zen designs largely bank on the natural atmosphere since this where most designers source their inspiration from.